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Holistic Counselling



A remarkable combined healing Treatment for the emotional body.

The Holistic Counselling sessions are designed to assist with a range of physical and emotional issues. Sessions may consist of any one or more of the following depending on the situation after the initial consultation and evaluation.

*Self-esteem issues - assists to bring the client greater understanding and love of oneself.
*Core beliefs and limiting attitudes that can be causing issues with your ability to accept and understand the real you.
*Healing the Inner Child - delicately assists to heal childhood traumas.
*Setting Boundaries - assists to set boundaries that may not be currently in place that need to be looked at.
*Emotional Release - various techniques are used to assist in releasing long standing and built up emotions. These emotions could be anger, fear, guilt, rejection and so on.

Holistic Counselling sessions may also consist of the following counselling techniques.
*Pranic Healing
*Acupressure and Meridian Healing
*Tapping & EFT