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Brown Aventurine Pyramid Energy Generator

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Brown Aventurine Pyramid Energy Generator. Approx 9x9cm but each piece may be slightly different. 6 equal sides and 6 equal faces meet at a point. Then add the power of the pyramind. The Pyramid enhances and focuses the inherent properties of the crystals & makes them more powerful. Can charge other crystals, and can be used for healing.
Brown Aventurine - connects one to the earth & helps you stay grounded.
It is an abundance stone, gradually increasing prosperity over time. It helps us with practical matters, such as home, property etc. It can encourage perseverance. It is often used to find lost/stolen objects. Use this crystal to help with patience & learning new skills later in life. It is especially useful in healing animals.
Helps in healing disorders of the legs and feet, prostate, and bowels. It can be used to alleviate chronic pain and panic attacks. The elderly suffering from degenerative conditions can benefit from Brown Aventurine.